Omg Handbags! Love THEM!

My favorite topic BAGS, i just love them. I get all hyped up just by writing about it. Here are a couple of my favorite, high priced handbags that are to DIE for, in the words of Rachel Zoe:

This beauty right here is by Foley + Corinna Studded City Clutch
I love this clutch because it's so easy to wear and the color is gorgeous
It also comes in white too. As you can tell it also has studs too. Plus the straps are detachable if you feel like using only a clutch. In shop bop this bag is exclusive meaning that they are the only ones carrying this specific style and plus it has a a 30% off.

The Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Tote, this purse is a classic and as well a collector's item.
This tote bag comes in this season color, Purple.
It's so beautiful, and I love the style of it. Its so practical.
It's a favorite among celebrities.
Unfortunately, the color is sold out, but they do have in a interesting color navy, in Neiman Marcus for a cool $1,395.

Of course I wouldn't forget the classic and enviable CHANEL.

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