Bag, and Purses Oh My

I believe I'm obsessed with bags. I just love bags, I could talk about them non-stop. I believe I got this gene from my grandfather from my father side. Lol. I want to show 2 bags which I must HAVE.

I love this Marc by Marc Jacob polka dot denim satchel. I first saw it in shopbop and I fell in love. I love polka dot and satchel. Mix them together and you get this. It looks so easy to wear and I love purses that don't fall out of shoulders, ugh I hate that.

The next beauty is by Miu Miu. Miu Miu makes really feminine, girly purses. This one in particularly is my most fav from Miu Miu. I love the color and especially the style. You can wear as a messenger bag or as a tote. I love bags that have different variety to wear them.

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