Bargain McQueen

Window shopping is what I always do online. I was browsing through shopbop when I came upon this hoodie-beauty(HA HA) An Elizabeth and James oversized hoodie.
Man I love over sized hoodie but I don't love the price. 295 is way too much for me. So then I started searching for my alternative E&J hoodie. I found this hoodie in Urbanoutfitters[my 2nd home :)].For 48, thats a bargain!
Also this beautiful ysl mini muse crossbody bag is out of my price range.

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I decided to find its long lost cheaper sister....

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Urbanoutfitters, you never let me down when I'm looking for cheaper alternatives. (:
Last but not least, I've been looking for these gorgeous Jill Sanders Sandals that Ashley Olsen is always rocking.

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I checked in shoes.com, and found them!! They're by Sugar and for 48dollar, Can I get an AMEN!!!

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Image Credit: Urbanoutfitters, Shopbop, and shoes.com


Leigh said...

I love the finds and the deals you found. All for it!! And Happy Birthday to you as well :))


Dallas Shaw said...

bought- thank you!